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About The CarePath Program

The CarePath program provides seniors and family members with expert home care guidance and advice.

We'll take all the stress out of organising home care services and save you significant time and heartache through the process.

This service is highly beneficial to those in any of the below situations:

  • In need of home care support but don't know where to start

  • In need of home care support but stuck on a waiting list

  • Currently receiving home care services but needing more support

  • Step 1: The Needs Assessment
    One of our friendly and caring CarePath Navigators will first take the time to get a good understanding of the day-to-day challenges that are present. No matter how small or large these challenges are, we'll be sure to have them all written down so that there is a clear picture of the situation to resolve. ​ We'll then discuss with the care recipient and family members their preferred solutions to such challenges. If you're stuck on ideas, your experienced home care navigator can offer comforting suggestions. Now that a good understanding of the situation is in place, the various government-funded home care support options and subsidies can be presented.
  • Step 2: Getting Registered With The Aged Care Government Department
    Your CarePath Navigator will then speak to relevant government departments and assessment teams to advocate on your behalf to assist with getting registered for the required home care support services. ​ This service is highly beneficial for those who find it difficult or stressful to speak to a government department call centre about the challenges they are experiencing. ​
  • Step 3: Preparing For The Aged Care Assessment
    So that the care recipients and any family members are well prepared for the upcoming home care assessment, your CarePath Navigator will step you and your family members through a pre-assessment coaching session. This will ensure everyone is well prepared for the upcoming aged care assessment; everyone understands the questions they will be asked and can articulate the challenges they are looking to solve clearly and productively. Without such preparation, it is widespread for people to be under-assessed for their genuine support needs. This is because an assessor will often not fully appreciate the full extent of the struggles and challenges that were indeed going on behind the scenes. ​ If an underassessment does occur, it can take many months, if not years, to rectify the situation. So it's essential to get assessed the first time correctly. ​
  • Step 4: Review & Explain
    Once the aged care assessment has taken place, you will be notified by the relevant government agency within 1-2 weeks of the assessment outcome. Usually, this will be the government's "My Aged Care" department. Understanding the various aspects of the My Aged Care assessment letter and the terminology used can be highly confusing for many. Your CarePath Navigator will take the time to explain the assessment outcome letter to the care recipient and family members and follow up with government departments if additional support is required.
  • Step 5: Finding Services
    With the relevant home care approvals now in place, it's time to find service providers that can begin delivering your required services. This can often be a stressful and frustrating experience for many care recipients and family members as it can be tough to find an aged care service provider available to take on additional clients. To alleviate this stress, your CarePath Navigator will do the research for you and provide a short list of local service providers available to take on additional clients.
  • Step 6: Maximise Value
    In the same way a person should carry out due diligence and negotiation when hiring a service provider for any household or day-to-day service (eg, a plumber, a car mechanic, a gardener, etc); hiring someone to provide home care support is no different. Your CarePath Navigator can book meetings with preferred home care providers and negotiate pricing and service agreement terms on behalf of the family. This ensures maximum value and consumer experience.
  • Step 7: Wellbeing Check-In
    To ensure things are going well and all needs are met, your CarePath Navigator will conduct a six-week follow-up once home care services have started. If additional needs aren't being met, your CarePath Navigator can provide further guidance and advocacy to address the challenges.
What's Included:

How To Get Started...

Step 1.
Request Your FREE
CarePath Information Pack

  1. Find Local support services 

  2. Government funding & entitlements

  3. Tips for getting registered & assessed

Step 2.
Get a FREE consultation with an Home Care Expert

Get expert advice that will take the stress out of accessing the types of home care support you're looking for.

Step 3.
Receive Ongoing Guidance & Support

Our CarePath experts can remain by your side to help with contacting My Aged Care, completing paperwork & finding local support services.

Get Started
What's Included



Take the stress, worry & guilt out of supporting an elderly loved one

CarePath is trusted by thousands of seniors and family members across Australia.

Changing lives


98% of seniors and family members report a decrease in stress and fatigue


82% of seniors and family members report an improvement in quality of life


Supporting over 17,200 seniors and family members across Australia 


Navigating the

"CarePath is a lifeline for those concerned about the severity of their own or an elderly loved one's changing health condition...'s essential for seniors & family members feeling overwhelmed, isolated and unable to continue providing care alone."

Jim Moraitis - Founder & CEO of VillageLocal and the CarePath program



“Understanding what's available for Aged Care is not easy.  As a newly retired person, I found all the information very confusing.  Then I found VillageLocal.  At first I felt embarrassed to ask a question about a service I was looking for, however, my question was answered immediately with kindness and concern for my situation.  I recommend these lovely people to anyone looking for assistance. I know I will be turning to them whenever I have a question from now on.”

Carolyn Cannings

Pennant Hills

Ready to take back control & stop feeling stressed, worried and overwhelmed?

Get an expert
in your corner

Navigating the My Aged Care system to help an elderly loved one organise the home care support they need can be hard... but it doesn't have to be.

Our unique approach combines real people to chat with, easy to understand information & a community of people who care.

Real People To Chat With

Leverage the support of an experienced care guide to get independent advice on navigating the complexities of the governments My Aged Care system to access home care support services.

Easy To Understand Information

Get access to an easy to use online members knowledge centre and community hub. Ask questions and share knowledge and tips on helping yourself or an elderly loved one remain living independently and well.

A Community That Cares

With a readily available care guide you can stop feeling so alone and overwhelmed. Our guides will take the time to work through daily challenges and provide relevant advice to overcome obstacles. Experts are available by phone, SMS and email.


Get Your FREE CarePath Info Pack...

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Resources and guidance on the topics that matter most

Accessing Support at home & Respite

Daily living aids & technology


Legal & financial planning


Relaxation and meditation

Strength & mobility

Brain health


Aged Care Funding

Grief & loss

Behaviour Management

Info Pack

Our Story

In 2017, Jim Moraitis witnessed the challenges his 87-year-old neighbour, Lillian, faced in the lead-up to her ultimately having a fall, breaking her hip and ending up in a nursing home...

As a Biomedical Engineer with extensive experience across the Australian healthcare system, Jim realised there wasn't enough being done to prepare seniors and their family members to successfully age in place.


So he took the challenge into his own hands, to better the situation.


After years of experimenting, researching, and personally speaking with thousands of seniors and family caregivers across Australia, the solution became clear...


...Helping people stay socially engaged, aware of their current challenges, fully informed about their local support options and empowered to take action are the necessary ingredients for success. 

The CarePath Program combines technology with human expertise to support older people across Australia remain independent, safe and well in the homes and communities they know and love.


Are you an organisation invested in the independence & well-being of older Australians?

Let’s Work Together!

Submit an enquiry and let's start a conversation.

Suite 1.05a, 75 Mary Street, St Peters 2204

Tel: 1300 87 43 42

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