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Guiding someone through the aged care system is challenging. VillageLocal and the CarePath Program bring an efficient solution - both for you and your local senior's community.

List Your Organisation As A CarePath Program Partner 

"Expand your organisational impact & community engagement"

The CarePath Program provides program partners with a systemised way of connecting with local seniors in need, supporting them through the aged care journey and preparing them for the client onboarding process.


...all without having to employ additional administration or community engagement staff.

Program participants enjoy access to real people to chat with, easy to understand aged care information & a supportive community of people who care.

Real People To Chat With

Seniors and family carers are able to leverage the support of an experienced care guide to get advice on navigating the complexities of the governments My Aged Care system to access home care support services.

Easy To Understand Information

CarePath participants have full access to an easy to use online members knowledge centre and community hub. People who are navigating their way through the aged care system are able to ask questions and share knowledge on how to remain living independently and well in their community.

A Community That Cares

With a readily available, over the phone care guide and online Community Hub, CarePath program participants can stop feeling so alone and overwhelmed. Trained CarePath guides will take the time to work through a participants daily challenges and provide relevant advice to overcome the common obstacles encountered with navigating the aged care system. Experts are available by phone, SMS and email.

A proven formula for success

A proven formula for success





87% of CarePath Program participants are approved for a Home Care Package within 6 weeks of enrolment.

Average time for a CarePath participant to complete the My Aged Care registration and ACAT/S assessment process

Supporting over 17,200 seniors across Australia through the aged care journey.

An average increase of 3.4 times as many enquiries from seniors in need of home support services.

What the community is saying...

Our Story

In 2017, Jim Moraitis witnessed the challenges his 87-year-old neighbour, Lillian, faced in the lead-up to her ultimately having a fall, breaking her hip and ending up in a nursing home...

As a Biomedical Engineer with extensive experience across the Australian healthcare system, Jim realised there wasn't enough being done to prepare seniors and their family members to successfully age in place.


He also identified an overwhelming willingness on the part of aged care industry experts across the country whom have deep levels of experience and knowledge to share when it comes to supporting people through their aged care journey. Their only challenge was they didn't have a sustainable and scalable way to share such knowledge...


By working side-by-side with aged care clinical experts and business leaders and personally speaking with thousands of seniors and family caregivers across Australia, a truly "co-created' solution was realised. This has become known as the CarePath Program...


The CarePath Program helps seniors and family caregivers understand how the aged care system works, shines a light on aged care consumer rights, provides easy access to the local support options available, and empowers older Australians to take the necessary actions towards maintaining independence, safety and wellbeing. 

To achieve all of the above, the CarePath Program combines technology with human expertise to support seniors in their desire to safely remain living in the homes and communities they know and love for as long as possible.

"First of all I would like a big thank you to Village Local /Care Path . They have been helped me with my situation. I have been through hell and back. Back operation,  complete hip replacement . So all you Older Australians that are waiting for your packages be patient you will get it. I kept ringing and the Team were there for me. Don’t give up and have motivation for better your home care situation.
Once again I thank Village Local they know what they are doing. 
I would definitely have faith in them.
God bless."

Roula Kotsiomitis

Campsie, NSW

Are you an organisation invested in the independence & well-being of older Australians?

Let’s Work Together!

Click below to become a CarePath Program Partner in your local area.

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